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Friday, 05 July 2019 16:03

Bogar Portugal is on the Instagram!

Bogar InstagramIt's realy true! Since July Bogar is closer to all who love their cats and dogs.

In Instagram's page #bogar_portugal you can know more about the products of the brand, access tips and advice, share photos of your more than everything, know the latest news of the brand, participate in hobbies ... and more. It will be a full year for the profile followers. What are you waiting for next?

Click here to @bogar_portugal and have fun with our posts and stories. Comment, share, be part of the Bogar universe!

Sunday, 30 June 2019 16:03

Good and high flying with Mack's Flightguard earplugs

Flightguard 2019The quality and vanguard of Mack's are already well known in our market.

Continuing to respond to the real needs of its customers, the brand features Flightguard Earplugs- only to be used in the first moments of take-off and landing and not throughout the flight. Travel in comfort and without pain!

Including in its packaging a travel case, reduce the discomfort caused by atmospheric pressure, as well as reduce noise.

Find out more at www.macksportugal.pt and the facebook page of the brand. Try it!

Wednesday, 05 June 2019 16:03

For demanding pets Bogar has an answer!

For demanding pets Bogar has an answer! For more demanding dogs and cats Bogar responds with the launch of two more products in Portugal - the Fiber Flexies Dog and the Cat Fiber Sticks.

With only one per day, consisting of 85% of meat, improve and prolong the chewing process, also promoting digestive function. Natural enzymes and two special ingredients (extract CB90mx and minerals) protect against bacterial plaque formation, tartar and prevent gingivitis. Again, the bogadent® dog and cat lines to give letters in the fight against tartar and in the promotion of oral hygiene of our loved ones.

Find out more at www.bogarportugal.pt and social networks and find the new products in pharmacies, health centers and pet shops, including in ZU stores!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 09:30

Reinforcement of Bogar® range with bogacare® Cat and new products for dogs - in bogadent® and bogacare®

Bogacare Gato With increasingly demanding animals, Crefar reinforces the veterinary market with new Bogar products. A line is now available that is totally dedicated to the hair and skin of Cats - a bogacare® Cat. Because cats have specific requirements, the bogacare® Cat range offers products that enable skin, eye and ear care and coat care with shampoo and dry shampoo. The current five products of this release feature distinctive features:

o Sophisticated and innovative herbal formulas

o Scientifically tested

o Excellent tolerance

o Proven effectiveness.

For cats, bogacare® Derma-Repair, bogacare® Perfect Ear Cleaner, bogacare®  Perfect Eye Cleaner, bogacare® Clean & Fresh Foam Shampoo and bogacare® Small & Sensitive Shampoo.

Additionally, it reinforced the bogadent® Dog line with the Dental Spray, preventing halitosis and with a new functional food for plaque combat - PLACA-STOP STICKS MINI. And also because the hair of some dogs is difficult to untangle, the bogacare® DETANGLING SILK SPRAY.

Find out more on this site and social networks and find the new products in pharmacies, health centers and pet shops!

Monday, 06 November 2017 17:05

New range of Orthopedics products, reinforce Crefar's position in this sector

Physiostrap Responding to market needs and its customers, Epitact has launched a new category of products - Orthopedics.

The new range is now focused on the Knee with the Physiostrap Knee, a very light and discreet proprioceptive knee pad.

This launch reinforces the positioning of the Epitact brand in Portugal and Crefar, providing high quality and durable orthopedic products that help reduce pain and prevent long-term orthopedic pathologies.

You can know more about our products here aqui.

Thursday, 02 November 2017 17:05

Reinforced sport in the wide range of Crefar products - new PERFORMANCE TAPE from Master-Aid

Performance_Tape_Noticias Crefar presented this month a new product in its range SPORTS - RECOVERY: PERFORMANCE TAPE, neuromuscular bands of the prestigious brand Master-Aid.

PERFORMANCE TAPE neuromuscular bands have high adhesiveness and elasticity, are water resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable. Recommended by athletes, physiotherapists and sports doctors around the world, neuromuscular bands help in the prevention and recovery of muscle injuries.

PERFORMANCE TAPE is already available in the market in 4 different colors: blue, black, beige and pink.In line with the other products of the range, this product helps the athlete to maintain its performance, since it aids in recovery / muscle treatment and injury prevention.

Available in pharmacies, parapharmacies and health spaces. Learn more at: http://www.crefar.pt/en/products/sports/sports-recovery.html.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 18:08

Bogar was honored as Brand of the Year 2017/2018 for its innovative oral hygiene line - Bogadent


Brand of the Year Bogadent Notícias Bogar was honored as Brand of the Year 2017/2018 for its innovative line of oral hygiene products - Bogadent, which already has 18 products for dogs and 8 products for cats.

This recognition is included in the Animalis Edition of the World Branding Awards, the most prestigious prize awarded to animal brands, which in this edition had the participation of 2000 organizations of the sector.

Following a careful evaluation process that included brand evaluation, online public voting and market research, Bogadent was the winner, demonstrating once again the innovative, complete and effective character of its products.

Bogar's success is only possible because our consumers trust our products and recognize their importance to the well-being of their animals. So we want to thank you and share this distinction with you! Thank you!

Thursday, 13 October 2016 11:45

New release: bogavital® the advanced vitality concept

Bogavital Aiming to offer products that promote vitality, mobility and balance of dogs and cats, Crefar strengthens its position in the veterinary area with the launch of the new range bogavital®, from Bogar.

It is the result of a long period of development by a specialized team of veterinarians, biologists and research institutes. Its products have distinguishing characteristics: sophisticated formulas with active ingredients of medical quality, natural based ingredients and high concentrations.

For dogs, the bogavital® Joint Protect Support, bogavital® Joint Protect Forte, bogavital® Strong Bones and bogavital® Relax Tabs. For cats, bogavital® Joints & Bones Protect, bogavital® Relax Tabs and bogavital® Hairball Stop. Look for a point of sale near you - pharmacies, parapharmacies and pet-shops!

See more at www.bogarportugal.pt.

Saturday, 30 July 2016 11:56

Epitact Sport supports the French Olympic athletes with the Knee Pad Flex 01

EpitactSport Epitact Sport has become an official supplier of INSEP - Institut National du Sport, L'Expertise et de la Performance, with its Knee Pad Flex 01, the first choice of the French Olympic Committee athletes.

In various embodiments, the Epitact Sport is associated with the success of these athletes!

See more in www.epitactsport.com.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 19:22

Crefar celebrates its 50 years!

Site Macks

Crefar celebrates throughout the year 2016 its 50 years of activity.

Founded in 1965 by José Duarte Félix from a storer company, there began a prosperous and successful history in the image of its founder.

It is with great satisfaction and pride, and with equal responsibility, we can say that Crefar grew with the pharmaceutical industry, in a robust, dynamic, prosperous and prestigious way, able to give it the confidence and credibility of all its partners and clients, nationally and internationally.

Upon completing 50 years of activity, with the relevance and influence that it has today - and will continue to strengthen - Crefar transmits thus a strong sign of vitality and an example of strength, resilience, renewal, nonconformity and modernity, prepared for meet the challenges of the future. Throughout 2016 several will be the initiatives that will take place together with its customers and partners, involving all in a time that is a rewarding for the company.

Congratulations to all who are part of the history of these 50 years Crefar!

Friday, 15 April 2016 18:30

Crefar launches Mack's new website as part of the brand market strategy and focus on the digital channel

Site Macks

Mack's Earplugs by Crefar, has just launched its new website adopting an image and style that allow intuitive navigation.

The contents were also thought to support the brand communication strategy in the digital channel as excellent platform to reach the general public and make known brand products and the need for hearing protection against water and against noise.

The launch of this page is part of the bet that Crefar has been making in recent years in the digital channel enabling a more effective communication with health professionals and the general public, for whom the influence of online is undeniable.

It is recalled that the Crefar had already launched in the previous year Mack´s Facebook page. This communication platform aims to get closer to consumers, contributing to communication in an integrated presence of Mack's in Portugal.

See on www.macksportugal.pt.

Thursday, 04 February 2016 17:34


Site Anima Strath

With a long tradition with our animals, Anima-Strath brand launches its new website in Portugal.

Crefar provides better and more information on a product that is so dear to all the animal world, helping every day thousands of animals to increase their vitality, improve in periods of convalescence, to increase its performance in creating periods, the beyond his strength in competition, ...

In a real Anima-Strath environment, with life and color, users and friends of the brand have access to a range of information related to the product, its benefits, its composition, among others.

We could not forget those who are most important to the brand and therefore also have the STARS ANIMA, which can confirm the joy of animals who are fans of Anima-Strath and whose owners have a large involvement with the brand through social networks in particular Facebook - peek their achievements, their mischief, but also those who need help.

It is intended to increase interaction with the brand even more, under heading "Testimonials" where everyone is invited to leave a message which report the results of Anima-Strath with their best friends.

Always thinking of those who need information about the product when they are on their smartphone, the site is fully adapted to mobile platforms. See on www.animastrath.pt.

Monday, 01 February 2016 18:48

Participation in Expozoo and Pet Festival strengthens Crefar positioning in the veterinary sector

Pet Festival ExpozooReinforcing the commitment in the veterinary sector, Crefar participated once again in the two largest animal fairs in Portugal - the Expozoo in Exponor and the Pet Festival at FIL, both in the month of January.

In a real party atmosphere, the involvement of Anima-Strath and Bogar brands with their target audience has proved a success, with the participation of animals and their owners in various actions of the brands, also involving experimentation with products and informational actions thereon.

Anima-Strath as a food supplement 100% natural for all animals and Bogar, with natural products for the oral hygiene of dogs and cats and skin care for dogs, interacted with its audience and managed to show off its wares. Dogs, cats, rodents, birds, exotic ... all were introduced to our brands.

See more on our Facebook pages Anima-Strath Fortifying and Bogar Portugal.

Thanks to the whole team and especially our customers for yet another winning bet! We look forward to the next editions!

Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:32


Site Bogar

Reflecting the Bogar brand image - the best of nature for the well-being of our pets, Crefar just launched at the beginning of 2016 the new website of Bogar Portugal in order to demonstrate the brand's commitment to dog owners and cats, enhancing proximity with them and showing the natural origin of the components of each product - www.bogarportugal.pt.

So it is a place where you can find a lot of valuable information related to the brand, its products and how they can improve the health and well-being of our best friends.
Apart from the most relevant information about the ranges of bogadent® products - oral hygiene for dogs and cats and bogacare® - skin care for dogs, the site also features a section dedicated to the Stars Bogar, where animals that use the Bogar products and whose owners have a great involvement with the brand through social networks, including Facebook, are presented here for everyone know their nicest features.

Fully adapted to mobile platforms, the site is very interesting and will be, for sure, one reference site to gather information about the products of this brand and to also get in touch with Crefar, if the user feels the need of further clarification, also strengthening the ties between the Crefar and its partners.

We promise to still continue to offer a constant dynamism to it, with new headings and highlights this year!

Thursday, 30 July 2015 12:02

Launch of Mack's Earplugs Portugal Facebook

Launch of Mack's Earplugs Portugal Facebook

Culminating another stage in the Mack's Earplugs strategy in the Portuguese market, Crefar just launched the official website of this brand on Facebook - Mack´s Proteção Auricular.

The presence in the largest and most relevant social network aims to spread the news of Mack's world by promoting information about their products and how they can help protect against noise or against water, thereby enhancing the relationship with its customers, partners and fans. Integrated into the larger strategy implementation in social media, Crefar faces the entrance of Mack's in Portuguese Facebook as a normal development of the social media presence in the life of the brand, given that social networks are increasingly integrated into current models of communication and operation of the company and the brands it represents.

The new page is available at www.facebook.com/macksprotecaoauricular.

Thursday, 30 April 2015 12:08

CREFAR distinguished as PME(SME) Leader and PME (SME) Excellence 2014

CREFAR distinguished as PME(SME) Leader and PME (SME) Excellence 2014

CREFAR was again recognized as PME (SME) Leader 2014 and this year as well as PME (SME) Excellence 2014 in recognition of IAPMEI for Portuguese SMEs distinguished by excellence and financial performance in the market, showing the best performance and the previous year's management indicators having CREFAR been recognized as one of 1845 companies SME Excellence in a universe of about 350,000 National SME.

CREFAR is very honored to be considered as an example of a company with a dynamic business, focusing on a sustained growth strategy, strengthening its competitive base and achieving excellent results, being proud to belong to a select group of financially healthy companies who have a concern for excellence in their products and services.

CREFAR is pleased to see valued their business strategies with relevant contributions to the economy and national employment, fundamental in the economic development of the country, and this distinction result of the work of a highly committed, motivated, with a strong focus on innovation and knowledge and aimed at continuous improvement in the pursuit of Excellence.

Thursday, 30 October 2014 11:11

Launch of veterinary brand BOGAR

Launch of veterinary brand BOGAR


Following our policy of offering an increasingly complete range to our customers, CREFAR launches in Portugal the veterinary brand BOGAR.

BOGAR is a brand recognized for its innovation and quality with Swiss origin and products that are plant-based, providing care for your pet both in oral hygiene, as in the treatment of the skin and coat.